Course of Study

  • The student must be enrolled and on campus for 2 years beginning in the Fall semester.
  • Lists only courses required by our program & course(s) needed to qualify for one of the competitive slots to teach during Year 2 – student may have to take additional hours during any given semester to qualify for an assistantship or if teaching.

Key (courses required in our 33 hour MA program come in 1 of 3 categories):

  • REQ = required part of psychology or research core
  • ELEC = elective required in program of study
  • TEACH = needed to attempt to get, then have, teaching assistantship

Fall Year 1

Course Hours Category
PSY 5010 Research Seminar* 3 REQ 
PSY 5020 Research Methods 3 REQ 
PSY 5150 Proseminar I 3 REQ
PSY 5530 Selected Topics 3 REQ
  Semester hours = 12
Cumulative hours toward program = 12

*This course may have up to three components: occasional meetings with the program head; a "round table" discussion among all 1st year students and mentors at the end of the semester; and, research with the mentor.

Spring Year 1

Course Hours Category
PSY 5030 Quantitative Methods 3 REQ 
PSY 5200 Proseminar II 3 REQ 
PSY 5250 Proseminar III 3 REQ
PSY 5640 Seminar 3 REQ
PSY 5011 Teaching Psychology* 1 TEACH
  Semester hours = 13
Cumulative hours toward program = 24

*Taken if the student wants to compete for a teaching (GTA) position during 2nd year; not part of 33 hour G-E MA degree program.

Fall Year 2

Course Hours Category
PSY 5530 Selected Topics* 3 REQ
PSY 5998 Thesis Proposal 3 REQ
Courses to reach 9 hrs if GA/GTA 3 ELE
  Semester hours = 6-9
Cumulative hours toward program = 30 

*The course number will be between 5530 and 5549.

Spring Year 2

Course Hours Category
PSY 5999 Thesis 3 REQ 
PSY Electives ELE 
  Semester hours = 6-9
Cumulative hours toward program = 33

General Information

  1. Student will probably take PSY 5011, Teaching Psychology, during the first year Spring semester if the student wants to compete for a teaching (GTA) position during 2nd year.
  2. If the student is selected to teach as a GTA during the 2nd year, student will need to take PSY 5011 each semester he or she is teaching (e.g., both 1st and 2nd semester during 2nd year).
  3. While it is advantageous for the student to have a thesis proposal and prospectus meeting completed during the 2nd semester (late Feb. or early March is a good target) of the 1st year; it works better to take the 2 thesis courses during the semesters of the 2nd year.
  4. G-E students can take 12 hours each semester without special permission (13 is usually not a problem if the 13th hour is PSY 5011 Teaching Psychology).
  5. Faculty members should remember to inform the Program Head (Rose Mary Webb) or Department Chair (James Denniston) if you need a PSY 5530-5549 Selected Topics course put on the schedule for any particular semester.
  6. Program of Study must be filed in the graduate school by first day of the student's second semester.
  7. Student has three years to complete the program; thus, course requirements and thesis defense must be complete by August of the third year.

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Alumni Testimonials

"[The program] refined my understanding of the experimental method and statistical analyses. After completing the program I found that my understanding of both the analytical methods and the research situations in which they were applied had greatly improved."

- Tim Pruitt (Class of 2009)


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