Alissa Z. Anderson, M.A. (Class of 2014)

Alissa's professional interests include: teaching and mentoring undergraduate students, and conducting methodologically sound research studies for the field of applied forensic psychology. Her research interests include jury/juror decision making, juror gender bias, jurors' perceptions of teacher/student relations, perceptions of child sexual abuse, children in the legal system, moral development, and eyewitness testimony.

Currently, Alissa is attending the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio working toward her PhD in Experimental Psychology with a Social Concentration. She is the assistant to the new Associate Chair, Dr. Kamala London, and a Graduate Research Assistant in the Developmental Lab at the University of Toledo. She is also responsible for teaching the current undergraduate research assistants in her lab how to apply to graduate school. Alissa has presented her personal research at 3 national conferences and 4 local NC conferences. She is currently preparing two manuscripts for publication. Her overall career goal is to become a professor at a teaching university and continue her psycho-legal research surrounded by bright undergraduates and Master's students.


"My advice for current students enrolled in the program is to find your voice and communicate with your mentor often! This can involve discussions about research, career development, adjusting to Appstate, and how to become more involved in the department. Secondly, the Psychology Department offers a multitude of funding opportunities (for travel and for research) that you cannot find at just any university. Take advantage of these funding opportunities work with your mentor on writing and applying for grants."

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Alissa Anderson