Lyndsay A. Nelson, Ph.D (Class of 2011)

Lyndsay Nelson earned her BS in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and earned her MA in Experimental Psychology at ASU in 2011. While at ASU, she completed her thesis, "Personality, Intelligence, and Attractiveness Judgments: The Accuracy of First Impressions" under the direction of Dr. Webb. Lyndsay graduated from the PhD program in Experimental Psychology at East Tennessee State University in July 2014 where she completed her dissertation, "The Effect of Romantic Jealousy on Self-Control: An Examination of Trait Constructs and Sex Differences Based on Survey and Experimental Data."

Lyndsay is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University. She is extending her past research in self-control to the context of health behavior change and is working on a mobile health delivered intervention that aims to improve medication adherence among underserved patients with Type 2 Diabetes. She hopes to eventually secure a faculty research position in which she can engage in health promotion research by addressing individual differences in self-control.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ASU and am very appreciative of the quality education that I received there. The Psychology Department offers a very encouraging and collaborative environment, and I felt that all of the faculty were very supportive of me and my success. The mentorship and training I received at ASU contributed significantly to the pursuit and advancement of my research career."

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Lyndsay Nelson