• Mary Ballard

    Mary Ballard

    (828) 262-2272 x406

    Research Interests: Aggression; Media

  • Doris Bazzini

    Doris Bazzini

    (828) 262-2272 x400

    Research Interests: Romantic attraction; Beautiful-is-good stereotype; Media's impact on body image in women; Relationship-maintenance processes

  • Hall Beck

    Hall P. Beck

    (828) 262-2272 x408

    Research Interests: Human-computer interaction; College student retention; Decision-making

  • James Denniston

    James Denniston

    (828) 262-2272 x402

    Research Interests: Elementary Information Processing in Animals

  • Chris Dickinson

    Chris Dickinson

    (828) 262-2272 x415

    Research Interests: Visual Cognition, Visual Memory, Scene Perception, Eye Movements during Visual Search and Scene Perception

  • Lisa Emery

    Lisa Emery

    (828) 262-2272 x416

    Research Interests: Cognitive Aging, Emotion Regulation, Affect & Cognition

  • Paul Fox

    Paul Fox

    (828) 262-2272 x418

    Research Interests: Psychology and law; tort reform, jury issues, applied behavior analysis

  • Amy Galloway

    Amy T. Galloway

    (828) 262-2272 x421

    Research Interests: Food preferences, picky eating, and disordered eating in children and adults; influence of parenting practices on eating behavior

  • Chris Holden

    Chris Holden

    Research Interests: Personality and evolutionary psychology, romantic relationships, HEXACO model of personality, self-esteem, relationship-contingent self-esteem, mate retention behavior, open science

  • Robyn Kondrad

    Robyn Kondrad

    (828) 262-2272 x443

    Research Interests: Developmental Psychology, social-cognitive development: how children learn from other people, qualities that influence children's judgments about other people, children's learning from media (e.g., video-chat)

  • Andrew Monroe

    Andrew Monroe

    (828) 262-2272 x431

    Research Interests: Social Cognition; Moral Psychology; Decision Making; Social Psychology

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    (828) 262-2272 x435

    Research Interests: Social Cognition; Social Comparison; Decision-making; Anchoring effects; Wishful Thinking; Risk Perception

  • Kenneth Steele

    Kenneth M. Steele

    (828) 262-2272 x436

    Research Interests: Learning in Nonhumans and Humans; Visual and Auditory Perception; Activity Anorexia; Music Perception; the "Mozart Effect"

  • Douglas Waring

    Douglas A. Waring

    (828) 262-2272 x437

    Research Interests: Cognitive/Evolutionary; role of working memory and prior knowledge in comprehension, memory, persuasion, conformity, reciprocity, etc

  • Rose Mary Webb

    Rose Mary Webb

    Department Chair

    (828) 262-2272 x438

    Research Interests: Self- and other-perceptions of personality and competence; Estimation and perception of quantity; Development of intellectual talent

  • Twila Wingrove

    Twila Wingrove

    Experimental Psychology Program Director

    (828) 262-2272 x440

    Research Interests: Legal psychology; Procedural justice; Legal decision-making; Children/adolescents and the law

  • Mark C. Zrull

    Mark C. Zrull

    (828) 262-2272 x441

    Research Interests: Neural Plasticity and Mechanisms of Sound-induced Seizures; Uni- and Multimodal Stimulus-guided Behavior; Efficacy of Undergraduate Research