Welcome to Experimental Psychology

The Master of Arts program in Experimental Psychology trains students to become psychological scientists. The course curriculum provides foundational knowledge in the core domains of psychology (i.e., cognitive, learning, social, developmental, biological), research methods, and data analysis. Using a mentor-based model, students gain experience in developing, conducting, evaluating, and disseminating psychological studies. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to enter the research and data analysis workforce or to continue their education in doctoral programs in psychology or related fields.

ASU Master of Arts in Psychology Brochure [PDF]

Alumni Testimonial

"I attribute my professional success to the training I received, and people I worked with during my time at App State. While my time in the MBA program afforded me the opportunity to fine tune my statistical and business knowledge it was the training I received in the Experimental Psychology program that drives the quality and scientific rigor of my work."

Lindsay Marshall (Class of 2015)