Students & Alumni

Class of 2017 group photo

Class of 2017

Back Row:

Front Row:

Class of 2016 group photo

Class of 2016

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Class of 2015 group photo

Class of 2015

Back row:

Middle row:

  • Eric Wilson (Clemson University, B.A.)
    • ASU Thesis Mentor - Dr. Ballard
  • Alexandria Mackinnon (Appalachian State University, B.A.)
  • Chase Simonet (Salem College, B.A.)
    • ASU Thesis Mentor - Dr. Dickinson

Front row:

Class of 2014 group photo

Class of 2014

Back row:

Front row:

  • Alex Sauer (College of Charleston, B.A.)
    • Worked with Dr. Denniston
    • Currently in a Psychology PhD program at Auburn University.
  • Heather Burkett (University of South Carolina, B.A.)
  • Alissa Anderson (Appalachian State University, B.A.)
  • Nathan Stroh (Appalachian State University, B.A.)
    • Worked with Dr. McElroy
  • Lindsay Marshall (College of Charleston, B.A.)
    • Completed an MBA at Appalachian, currently in a position as a Data Scientist at MetLife.
Class of 2013 group photo

Class of 2013

Class of 2012 group photo

Class of 2012

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Class of 2011

Class of 2010

Class of 2009

  • Amy Barwick
  • Tim Pruitt
  • Cassie Black
  • JoAnna Klein
  • Anna Petroff